ANR Products

As a leader in the cellular rubber industry, American National Rubber inspects and tests all raw materials in our on-site laboratory to assure the finest quality possible. They are then blended into a variety of sponge stocks. Each variety of sponge has special characteristics which make it suited for particular applications.

ANR manufactures closed cell sponge rubber in bun form which can be converted into sheets or rolls by one of our preferred converters and/or distributors. From these sheets and rolls, a variety of gasket/sealing, cushioning, insulating and acoustical products are manufactured. Pressure sensitive adhesive can also be applied to our products, making them even more versatile.

All of our products have excellent dimensional stability. They are also water tight, air tight and dust proof. The closed cell sponge produced by ANR can be fabricated, stripped, sawed and bonded easily. American National Rubber maintains an extensive inventory of bun stock for quick turn-around. Call our customer service team for more information or a quotation. We can be reached toll free at (844) ANR-BUNS, that’s (844) 267-2867.

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