American National Rubber

The manufacturing of top quality closed cell sponge is truly an art. Founded in 1957, American National Rubber has mastered that art and applied it to the manufacturing of a wide variety of closed cell sponge products.

Our totally integrated process assures the production of high quality sponge from the very beginning. We approve all manufacturing ingredients in our on-site laboratory to guarantee each raw material meets rigid specifications. Testing throughout the manufacturing process ensures our high standards and yours. In the lab and throughout our manufacturing process, a fully trained and experienced work force produces the highest quality products available.

A dedicated support staff gives quick turnaround on quotations, samples and technical assistance. They work closely with design, production, and material engineers to select the best material, design and process for each application. Complete quality assurance is always a priority.

Top quality from small town America:

American National Rubber: Quality from a different era.
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