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REBONDED RUBBER - 3000-R - Flexible Rebonded Rubber Joint Material

American National Rubber has been the leader of closed cell rubber manufacturing in U.S.A. since 1957. In continuing its position as an industry leader, we are pleased to offer our premium closed cell, recycled product ANR 3000-R Rebonded Rubber.

ANR 3000-R is formed from granulated high-quality ANR closed cell rubber that is securely bonded together. It is highly resilient, will compress with little extrusion, and will recover 90% of its original thickness after compression. Also, in keeping with our commitment to environmental initiatives, ANR-3000-R is 97% post-industrial recycled content from ANR's selected blend of closed cell rubber which, incidentally, is made entirely in the USA.

ANR 3000-R Rebonded Rubber is a very useful and is an accepted form of expansion joint filler today. It is used in concrete structures to compensate for movement; therefore it can be utilized in residential or commercial applications such as in wastewater treatment plants, dam projects, aqueducts, tunnels and airport runways. Rebonded sponge rubber is a very resilient and flexible bonded rubber joint filler.

ANR 3000-R Rebonded Rubber should be installed as detailed in drawings. The material is positioned against the forms, at interrupting columns or objects or adjacent abutting structures before placing concrete. Rebonded Rubber is easily cut or trimmed on the jobsite, or it can be ordered to specific, pre-cut pieces.

ANR 3000-R Rebonded Rubber meets the following specifications:

Density 30 pcf. Minimum (lbs. /cubic ft.) ASTM D-1752, Type I AASHTO M 153-70, Type I Federal Specification HH-F-341-F, Type II, Class A

Available in sheet sizes of 36" x 54" or precut at the factory to your exact specification requirements.


We sell our scrap closed cell rubber to manufacturers on an ongoing basis that blend our scrap materials with other materials to create new and profitable products. ANR also sells scrap materials to material resellers and brokers who in-turn resale it for a profit.

Unlike tire scrap, ANR scrap material is metal and paper free making it more economical to grind and repurpose for other products. Whether your material need is for a Small Project or Industrial Purpose; ANR can supply you with your scrap closed cell rubber needs. For more Information and Pricing:

Email, Telephone: 304-453-5012, extension 602

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